Customized Jewelry:Bvlgari B.Zero1 Rock 18kt Necklace Pendant with Studded Spiral Pavé Diamonds

  • Brand: Bulgari
  • Type:Necklace
  • Model: B.zero1
  • Material: Rock 18 kt yellow gold necklace with pavé diamonds.

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Drawing its inspiration from the world’s most renowned amphitheater, the Colosseum, B.zero1 Rock is a groundbreaking statement of Bvlgari’s creative vision infused with a touch of irreverence. Challenging the very essence of jewelry aesthetics, its distinctive spiral is reimagined with gold studs, highlighting the unapologetic and visionary spirit of Bvlgari’s icon of design.


B.zero1 Rock 18 kt yellow gold necklace with pavé diamonds.

Stone: Diamonds;

Material: 18K gold;

Color: Yellow, Rose.

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